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Cornas, with its wine tradition stretching back well over a thousand years, has been in a state of flux for years. The wines from the terraced granite and limestone slopes around the 2,000-strong community of the same name on the west bank of the Rhone opposite Valence have long had the reputation of being the most robust and tannic of the entire Rhone. The top vineyards of Cornas, arranged as if in an amphitheatre, turn into a baking oven in high summer. Since, unlike some other regions of the northern Rhone, no white varieties are permitted here, the producers also lack the opportunity to soften any hardships.
Christophe Grilhé

The winemakers of Cornas apparently found other ways to tame their Syrah. Many wines here are still bursting with substance and power. At the same time, however, the best of them today have a fresh, noble juiciness, finesse and, for all their presence, distinctly polished tannins, as was previously more familiar from their Hermitage neighbours on the other shore. The most successful examples are undoubtedly among the very great red wines of France. This is all the more pleasing as the prices here have largely remained on the carpet.

With only 125 hectares under cultivation, the area is relatively manageable. Nevertheless, our sample only gives a small insight into the wines of the appellation. But already the few samples make the quality level of Cornas clear. We can recommend every wine of the tasting and therefore present all results here and as always also as PDF presented.

Cornas AOC

  • 96WP 2017 "Granit 60", Domaine Vincent Paris
  • 95WP 2016 "Mére Michel", Domaine Johann Michel
  • 94WP 2017 "La Geynale", Domaine Vincent Paris
  • 93WP 2016 "Temenos", Chapoutier
  • 93WP 2015 "Jana", Domaine Johann Michel
  • 92WP 2016 "Aquilon", Domaine Mucyn
  • 92WP 2014 Pic & Chapoutier
  • 92WP 2017 "Patou", Domaine Dumien Serrette
  • 92WP 2017 "Granit 30", Domaine Vincent Paris
  • 91WP 2016 "Les Arènes", M. Chapoutier
  • 90WP 2015 "Arènes Sauvages", Cave de Tain L'Hermitage
  • 90WP 2017 "Empreintes", Domaine Eric et Joël Durand
  • 89+WP 2016 "Les Murettes" Domaine Michelas St. Jemms
  • 89WP 2015 Cave de Tain L'Hermitage
  • 89WP 2015 Domaine Johann Michel
  • 89WP 2017 "Prémices", Domaine Eric et Joël Durand
  • 89WP 2017 "Aquilon", Domaine Mucyn
  • 88WP 2016 "Grand Classique", Cave de Tain L'Hermitage
  • 88WP 2017 Domaine des Remizières

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