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With almost 2,000 hectares of vineyards, the Colli Orientali in the eastern part of the province of Udine are the second largest appellation in Friuli. Adriano Gigante: "The Collio and the Colli Orientali were originally one contiguous hill area. For political reasons they were then separated, the Colli Orientali today belong to the province of Udine, the Collio to the province of Gorizia. However, the climatic conditions as well as the soils are so similar that a single appellation would actually have made more sense for them as a wine region."

Both wine-growing areas are dominated by flysch soils consisting of clay and sand layers, which are called "ponca" here and have a grey or yellowish shimmer. The ponca is rich in minerals but poor in nutrients. Its water storage capacity is the reason why irrigation is virtually unnecessary in the hills.