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Whether this is due to the current vintages or a general trend will be seen in the coming years: In any case, it has been a long time since we enjoyed tasting South Tyrolean wines as much as we did last year, possibly never before.

The increasing alcoholic strength of most of the wines in recent years recently fuelled fears that climate change would sooner or later take a little of the pleasure out of South Tyrol's wines. The current results suggest that we worried too soon. It has been a long time since we were able to taste so many lively, fresh and elegant wines here. More and more hitherto little-known or completely new small wineries are appearing on the scene, competing with great skill and commitment against the trend towards ever more powerful wines. The established wineries and cellars have also taken up the challenge. And even where the alcohol is high, the wines today often seem noticeably more polished and refined than before.

The fact that we are recording more top results this year than probably ever before is also due to another development: more and more wineries are bringing new top selections to the market. Fortunately, the majority of these wines do not try to impress with even more power and fullness, but surprisingly often with special nobility, complexity, depth and subtlety.

We tasted around 400 wines from South Tyrol last year. We present the best of them here, sorted by variety, origin or type. Links to all results and producers with detailed descriptions can be found at the end of each list.

IDM/South Tyrol Wine - Florian Andergassen

BEST OF South Tyrol Chardonnay

All wines up to 87 points

BEST OF South Tyrol Sauvignon

All wines up to 87 points

BEST OF South Tyrol Pinot Blanc

All wines up to 87 points

BEST OF South Tyrol Pinot Gris