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That a wine can be an ambassador for an entire region is proven by the women behind the Lungarotti family winery in Umbria: Their Brezza wine line stands for fresh, low-acid wines that that capture the love of life and the lightness of their native region - while preserving their father's heritage.

The green heart of Italy - Umbria: It captivates with its centuries-old towns with winding alleys and lively piazzas. Through the dense forests that not only give the region its charming epithet, but are also home to one of the most important gourmets: the truffle. It is therefore hardly surprising that Umbria's cuisine is also excellent and famous. But where good food is appreciated, good wine is rarely far away. The family-run Lungarotti winery proves this in a very special way. For it is virtually synonymous with wines that tell an everlasting love story about this fertile stretch of land. A wonderful story that Giorgio Lungarotti began in 1962 when he founded the cantina, which today covers 250 hectares and is rich in tradition. It now extends over two wineries and numerous vineyards and olive groves in the two idyllic villages of Torgiano and Montefalco. He, the pioneer of modern Italian enology, who already 60 years ago formed the awareness that quality and sustainability must inevitably go hand in hand.

Firmly in women's hands

A maxim that his daughters Chiara and Teresa also follow. It is they who took over the estate in 1999 and - flanked by their mother Grazia and grandchildren Francesco and Gemma - are filling their father's great legacy with commitment and competence. The concept of success of the passionate female duo: "We preserve and renew while preserving tradition and our roots," Chiara Lungarotti, who serves as the company's managing director, sums up - expressing what an important role the foundation that her father once created still plays today. And at the same time, that the view is always directed towards the future - completely in the sense of the third generation, which is already in the starting blocks, and in the sense of nature. Because it is clear to them: "Our wines are made in the vineyards". So they use sophisticated cultivation techniques based on sustainability and environmental friendliness. The plant density is designed in such a way that the vines compete with each other and the production quantity per vine is thus naturally limited in order to achieve a better grape quality. Water resources are collected so that the roots of the vines themselves are encouraged to work their way deeper into the soils of clay, silt and sand to access essential nutrients and moisture. This also makes the vines much more resilient and stronger.

More than a vineyard

A strength that is reflected in the high-quality grapes from varieties such as Trebbiano, Grechetto, Colorino, Vermentino and Sagrantino - and which cellar master Vincenzo Pepe captures skilfully and unadulteratedly in powerful and at the same time easily accessible wines. In wines that have long since become world-famous ambassadors of Umbria and often attract visitors to this picturesque region. It's a good thing that in addition to the winery, the busy family also runs the wine museum and an oil and olive museum, as well as the Hotel Le Tre Vaselle, which offers the perfect setting to immerse oneself in the Lungarottis' very own piece of Umbria.

Online tasting with Lungarotti

We invite you to get to know this great winery with its 2022 Brezza white at the wein.plus:club online tastings. Places, which are available for retailers and restaurateurs as well as private wine lovers, are limited. Register online:

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