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Several winegrowers in the south of France's Occitanie region are increasingly relying on cacti, prickly pears and aloe vera instead of wine to diversify. The increasingly long dry spells are making wine growing increasingly unprofitable. Organic winegrower Boris Igonet in Cerbère in the Pyrénées-Orientales has already tried citrus, olive and pomegranate trees, but without success due to the lack of water. Laurent Maynadier at the Château Champ des Sœurs vineyard in Fitou has planted aloe vera and prickly pears. As desert plants, these hardly need any water and aloe vera is in demand as a raw material by the cosmetics industry. Due to drought stress, he lost about one third of his wine yield in the past years.

(al / Source: vitisphere.com; Photo: Creative Commons)