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In order to save energy costs and improve the carbon footprint of European wine producers, the Torres winery from Catalonia is promoting a wine bottle return system. Within three years, washing stations and logistics are to be created and glass producers are to be involved. According to Josep Maria Ribas, Director of Climate Change at Torres, only a holistic approach involving wineries, bottle producers and retailers can be successful. "Energy and raw material prices will continue to rise, so we either have to pay more or find solutions to reduce our energy consumption and use of resources in general. And there are solutions," Ribas explained. "We are trying to create a standard for lightweight bottles that can be used everywhere in Europe. We have already started discussing this with some of our glass manufacturers."

According to Ribas, there are only a few large bottle producers in Europe and they are forced to evolve. It would be easy for them to agree on two or three bottle shapes that could be filled several times and used in each participating country. Both sides would benefit: Glass producers could meet their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and wine producers could reduce their dependence on their suppliers and raw material supplies. "For us, the reusable systems we have used in the past make perfect sense. We know that several wineries are waiting for this solution, but first a standard has to emerge. I think that should be the case in less than three years, and we will work hard to make it happen.".

(al / source: vitisphere; photo: Torres)

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