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The severe drought in California is forcing the well-known Griffin's Lair winery in Sonoma to cancel its entire harvest this year. There is no water available to keep the vines alive with grapes. As owner John Flynn says, he was faced with the decision to gamble on short-term profits or to ensure the survival of his vines for future harvests. In his opinion, the vines could not have fully matured in their depleted state, and the energy they would have expended in this attempt could have affected the quality of future harvests. "By cutting off the fruit, we can better retain the carbohydrates in the vines and improve health for years to come," he says. Flynn sees it as a bad omen that, in addition to Pinot Noir, the robust Syrah did not survive the drought. Already in the previous year, part of his grapes had been affected by smoke from a forest fire.

(al / Source: drinksbusiness.com; Photo: Griffin's Lair Vineyard)