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Sales of Italian wines in the trade fell significantly in the first half of 2022. In the most important export markets of the USA, Germany and Great Britain, wines from Italy lost 10.6 per cent in volume and 8.1 per cent in value, which corresponds to a minus of 2.26 billion euros. According to information from the Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) based on data from the market analysis company NielsenIQ, around 10.5 per cent less Italian wines were sold in the German trade. There were severe drops in Pinot Grigio (-18 per cent), Nero d'Avola (-24 per cent), Chianti (-19 per cent) and Primitivo (-9 per cent).

Valpolicella even lost 50 per cent, sparkling wine (Spumante) 18.5 per cent and Frizzante 12 per cent, with Prosecco Frizzante down 29 per cent. Only Grillo increased by 6.5 per cent and rosé wines by 9 per cent. Overall, the value of Italian wines sold fell by 10 per cent.

The situation is even more difficult in Great Britain with a minus of 14 per cent, somewhat less dramatic in the USA with minus 7.5 per cent. The sales channels surveyed are responsible for about 70 per cent of sales.

According to Paolo Castelletti, UIV Secretary General, there is a "significant discrepancy between the export data recorded at the beginning of the year and actual sales. There is a fear that this will lead to a slowdown in orders in the coming months, even more so when inflation will also be more noticeable on the shelves."

(al / Source: UIV; Photo: 123rf)

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