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The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is funding two major research projects for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in viticulture. In the "Pinot" project (Project for the Development of Artificial Intelligence for Oenological Technology) for the development of digital sensor systems, the winemakers' perception of aroma and taste is supported by a digital "artificial nose". This is intended to digitally record and objectively record wine-related information, especially the taste from the grape to the finished wine. This is said to be a great support for producers and traders in quality assurance and traceability of wines. The development of mobile handheld devices and laboratory systems for "Pinot" is being funded with 2.9 million euros.

The objective and efficient ongoing quality control of grapes is the focus of the "SmartGrape" project, which is receiving 1.2 million euros in funding. This compact measuring system based on infrared spectroscopy can determine mould growth, among other things. Many thousands of signals of quality-determining grape constituents are measured and processed by means of AI. The method should be available at low cost for use in the vineyard and cellar and make work easier for winegrowers.

(al / Source: BMEL, Photo: Wikipedia - P.rozzi)