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About 30 winegrowing farmers have founded the association "Les Vignerons de Normandie". The aim is to "revitalise the wine region, structure the industry and offer guidance to those who want to start growing grapes", explains chairman Édouard Capron. He runs the Domaine Saint Expedit, where he planted two hectares of vines in 2016. "We represent about thirty farmers who have planted vines or are preparing a viticulture project," Capron continues. The association is supported by the Normandy Regional Council and the Chamber of Agriculture.

Viticulture has existed in Normandy since Roman times, depending on the climatic conditions. The pioneer of modern Norman wine culture is Gérard Samson, who founded his 6.6-hectare vineyard Les Arpents du Soleil in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives (Calvados) in 1995. According to Samson, climate change was not a motivating factor then or now: "I base my work on history. The site of my vineyard has been planted with vines since before the French Revolution and has the same geological conditions as the Côte de Nuits," he explains, adding that his grapes have always ripened. Samson thus proves that it is possible to make a living from winegrowing in Normandy.

(al / Source. Vitisphere, Photo: Arpents du Soleil)

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