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A few days ago, wine culture in Germany was included in the Federal List of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Conference of Ministers of Culture on the recommendation of the Expert Committee of the German UNESCO Commission.

The expert committee thus acknowledges wine culture in Germany "as an open, lively and versatile cultivation of tradition that is strongly anchored in society", according to a press release of the German Wine Institute (DWI). The justification emphasises that wine culture in Germany includes social, artisanal, cultural landscape and linguistic aspects as well as festivals and customs. Especially in the wine-growing regions, wine culture would shape the rhythm of life of many people and would thus have a local, identity-forming effect.

"We are sure that with the inclusion in the Federal Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage, these achievements for the preservation of our cultural asset wine and the preservation of our cultural landscapes will become even more visible to the public and will receive the appreciation they deserve," emphasised the Managing Director of the German Wine Academy, Monika Reule.

(uka / Photo: German Wine Institute)