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French wine production in 2021 is estimated to decline by 29 percent compared to the previous year. The Ministry of Agriculture forecasts a harvest volume of 33.3 million hectolitres - a historically low level. It said the drop in production was due to a heavy frost in the spring and pressure from vine diseases in the summer. In early August, Agreste, the ministry's statistical service, had predicted a 24 to 30 per cent lower harvest in 2021 (between 32.6 and 35.6 million hectolitres). As of 1 September, Agreste confirmed that production will be "historically low, lower than the 1991 and 2017 vintages, which were also affected by severe frost in the spring".

In the first half of April, almost all French wine-growing regions experienced several consecutive nights of severe frost, while the vines had already started budding due to the mild winter. The wet summer weather in part of France favoured the development of fungal diseases, which significantly increased losses.

(ru / Source: La Revue du vin de France; Photo: Pixabay)