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The Consejo Regulador of the Catalan DO Terra Alta has decided on far-reaching changes to the production rules. In future, the Terra Alta designation of origin will also be permitted for Orange Wines. The mash-fermented white wines have a long tradition in the wine-growing region and are called "vins brisats" there. Although many producers have abandoned the wine style in the past decades, production is increasing again.

The president of the DO, Joan Arrufí, told Decanter magazine: "Many of our winemakers have returned to this style of wine but are applying modern winemaking techniques. They now produce traditional 'brisats' that have more finesse than the original wines. We wanted to include them in the production rules to reflect the history of our region. At the same time, it allows us to respond to the growing interest in this category of wine." With this change, the Spanish Terra Alta appellation is one of the few growing regions in Europe so far to officially open its statutes to Orange Wines.

In addition, the white wine typology "Terra Alta Garnatxa Blanca" was included in the production rules. This is to protect and regulate the white wines, which consist of 100 percent of the Garnatxa Blanca grape variety. The name "Terra Alta Garnatxa Blanca 100x100" must now officially appear on the label.

The new rules are expected to come into force in mid-March 2022.

(ru / Source: Decanter; Photo: 123rf.com)