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The extreme heat as well as the ongoing drought stress in Europe will reduce the coming harvest in many vineyards and also make it difficult to build up reserves for the 2023 vintage. "In many vineyards, the drought stress has been going on for a long time," explains Alain Deloire, professor at the Institut Agro in Montpellier. According to the expert in vine physiology, the situation will worsen the quantity and quality of the coming grape harvest.

The lack of water during the ripening period limits the biosynthesis of tannins, organic acids and some basic aromatic substances. It also hinders sugar storage in the berries and the growth of the fruit. "Drought stress in the period from colour change to final grape ripeness interferes with the biosynthesis of anthocyanins," explains Alain Deloire. Unfortunately, neither a rain shower nor artificial irrigation can make up for this.

Meanwhile, because the drought makes it difficult to store carbon, Deloire also fears problems for the 2023 harvest: "Prolonged severe water shortages and high temperatures during a vintage not only have a negative impact on the quality of the following year's harvest, but also on the lifespan of the vineyards," Deloire adds.

(uka / Source: vitisphere - Photo: 123rf)