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Consultant Franck Dubourdieu criticises the marketing strategy of the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) and calls for a reform of communication to showcase the diversity and identity of the area's AOC wines.
Dubourdieu, a former wine merchant who is now an agricultural engineer, oenologist and author, describes the situation of Bordeaux wine outside the Grands Crus Classés as follows: "The Bordeaux brand is good for tourists who make it a tourist destination, but not for wine lovers. It is generic, too vague. You have to embody it through its different terroirs: the Côtes, the Saint Emilions, the Médocs. Otherwise it is an empty shell without terroir, a factory, in short: industry." In his opinion, the fact that there is now a return to grubbing-up premiums and distillation is an "admission of the failure of the CIVB's 20-year policy".

According to Dubourdieu, the umbrella brand Bordeaux obscures the identity of the wines of the Gironde. Advertising must be focused precisely on this and convey that wines from Bordeaux offer "one of the best value for money in France, if not the world". The emphasis on Bordeaux as the only appellation contributes to Bordeaux being a "semi-industrial" vineyard that relies on synthetic pesticides, he said. Dubourdieu said he would like to see "a new generation of independent winemakers from all sites who bottle and sell their wine and take power in the CIVB."

(al / source: vitisphere; photo: Facebook/dubourdieu.franck)

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