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Sales of Bordeaux wines to the USA increased dramatically in 2021. According to the Bordeaux Wine Council CIVB, they increased by 67 percent to 349 million euros, thus reaching a new record turnover. The quantity increased by 24 percent to 33 million bottles. This means that above all more expensive wines were in demand. The USA is the second most important market for red Bordeaux - and the largest for white Bordeaux wines. The suspension of the additional import duty of 25 percent on French still wines by US President Joe Biden in March 2021 could significantly strengthen sales.

The largest target country for Bordeaux continues to be China with Hong Kong and Macau, where volume rose by ten per cent to 54 million bottles and sales by 16 per cent to 616 million euros. The trend towards more expensive wines was also evident in Great Britain, the third largest Bordeaux market. Although the volume there fell by 19 per cent to 20 million bottles, their value nevertheless increased by 31 per cent to 276 million euros.

Not just Bordeaux, but wines and spirits from all over France generated 15.5 billion euros in 2021, up 28 per cent on 2020 and 11 per cent on 2019, of which the US accounted for 4.1 billion euros, an increase of 34 per cent.

(al / source: decanter; photo: wikimedia commons)

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