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A good book, a good glass of wine - this is how to spend the evenings without restaurant visits and friends in a relaxed or sophisticated way. This spring, several titles from different genres on the subject of wine have been published again, which are worth reading.

We have found a crime novel and an entertainingly exciting women's novel, a wonderful book on sensory science, as well as three new non-fiction books that in their own way offer great reading pleasure with wine. Should this have aroused your interest: At the moment, the quickest and most reliable way to get the titles is from the booksellers around the corner. On their websites, the books can usually be ordered digitally, and many bookshops also offer a delivery service. Amazon no longer does this. A few days ago, the internet company moved books to the side in favour of food and other items in high demand. The result: delivery times of often eight to fourteen days, sometimes even longer. But bookshops, on the other hand, continue to fight hard for survival due to the long lockdown. Help them!

Martin Walker Connoisseur

books.com/shop Diogenes, 24,00 €

Inspector Benoît Courrèges, whom everyone in Saint-Denis calls just Bruno, is appointed a member of a prestigious wine and truffle guild. It is an honour. Bruno enjoys the fine pâtés with matching Monbazillac at the celebration in the twelfth volume of Martin Walker's crime series - but not many of them, because he is called from the table to the scene of an accident. A young woman is dead. On the estate of the oldest member of the guild, of all places, an art student who was researching his collection of paintings has fallen to her death after a rendezvous. An accident? Or was it murder? The trail leads Bruno to the castle of a famous dancer and Resistance heroine: Josephine Baker.

Brigitte Guggisberg The Way of Happiness / The Vintners (Vol. 1)

books.com/shop Diana, 10,99 €

Marlene has lost her savings to a swindler and her husband to another woman. At barely fifty, her life is in ruins. Sandrine will soon be forty. She has given everything at work, she has no private life. But her dream of moving up the career ladder has not come true. Now everything she has achieved is at stake. Valentina is thirty and desperate. She loves a married man, but he cannot make up his mind. The three women meet on a vineyard in South Baden. Each of them is looking for a second chance. But their host needs one too: Hermann Bruckner's winery is just about to go bankrupt. The three decide to save the winery. But first the women have to get their act together.

Klaus Dürrschmid Confessions in Tongues

books.com/shop Brandstätter, 22,00 €

The Viennese sensory and scent expert Dr. Klaus Dürrschmid takes readers on a journey into the exciting world of taste perception in his book "Zungenbekenntnisse". He vividly explains the network of our senses: Why does wine taste better on holiday than at home? Why do we like some foods and not others? Dürrschmid explains in an understandable, entertaining way and with many exciting experiments to try out how our taste works and how we can improve it through training. He explains which and how many sensory perceptions play a role, what special abilities our tongue has, and why many of our smell and taste sensations are linked to feelings and memories. Dürrschmid dives deep into the world of sensory perception and dispels myths and half-truths. Well worth reading!

Aldo Sohm, Christine Muhlke Simply Wine

bücher.de/shop Prestel, 28,00 €
"Einfach Wein" will be published on 27 April 2020.

The Tyrolean Aldo Sohm is considered one of the top stars of the international wine scene in Manhattan. In 2007 he was named the best sommelier in the USA, in 2008 he won the title of Sommelier World Champion. He works in the three-star restaurant "Le Bernardin" and in his own "Aldo Sohm Wine Bar". Together with food author Christine Muhlke, Sohm wrote the wine guide, which conveys his wine knowledge in a lively, relaxed and at the same time precise way. It is aimed at younger beginners, but older vintages should enjoy the visually excellently prepared morsels of knowledge just as much. The book contains the necessary basic knowledge with tips on growing regions, outstanding vintages and a guide to building a taste library.

Ralf Frenzel (ed.) Frenzel's Wine School Volume 2

books.com/shop TreTorri, 69,90 €

After the great success of the first volume, FINE editor Ralf Frenzel has published the continuation of the subject for all those who want to know more. The texts written by renowned authors deal with questions such as: What does terroir mean? How do I recognise a good wine? What happens in the vineyard during the year? The history of wine also finds its place in an entertaining way, from the early beginnings to the present. In addition, an overview offers a lot of information about the most important wine countries in the world. This knowledge is deepened with a study of the aromas of the leading grape varieties of these regions. In addition, there are tips on wine selection in restaurants as well as wine recommendations for the most popular dishes of international cuisine.

Madeline Puckette, Justin Hammack The Master Wine Guide

books.com/shop Heyne, 32,00 €

The founders of the innovative American wine blog weinfolly.com, graphic designer and sommelière Madeline Puckette and digital entrepreneur Justin Hammack, open up an unusual approach to the subject with The Master Wine Guide. With the innovative graphics that have already made weinfolly.com distinctive, they convey profound wine knowledge in a completely new way. The facets of the topic in all their complexity are conveyed in the book in a playful, immediately comprehensible and aesthetically exciting way. For example, they answer the question "What does tannin taste like?" in a new and at the same time comprehensible way. In 2019, the Master Wine Guide was awarded the "Oscar" of the food industry, the James Beard Award for the best beverage book 2019. Quite rightly.

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