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The Nerello Mascalese variety produces wines of unimagined finesse at the heights of Etna. The complexity and elegance of the best Etna wines are in no way inferior to wines from Burgundy, Valtellina, Montalcino or the Langa. This discovery is not new; Etna's red wines have long been known to connoisseurs for their finesse. But despite the international format of the wines, things are leisurely in the villages of Etna. Hardly any wine tourists, no price hustle around the vineyards, very few good restaurants and hotels, a slow increase in the number of labels.

Actually, one should make a pilgrimage to Etna at least every two years. After all, we also go to Burgundy and Alba regularly. But Etna is Sicily, and Sicily is darned far away even from Tuscany. It's 1,000 kilometres from Florence to the first Etna vineyard by car, and you lose a good twelve hours on the boat from Livorno to Palermo, usually even more. By plane it is faster, but not everyone likes this means of transport, a rental car is unavoidable, and you usually spend the first few days without luggage. Either way, a trip to Mount Etna is expensive and time-consuming. That's the only reason why we don't visit Sicily more often. Since it's not just us, it stays quiet on Etna and the winegrowers' guild among themselves.