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Although a considerable part of all Rieslings from the Mosel is always vinified dry, the region is much more famous for its sweet Prädikat wines. Until a few years ago, hardly anyone would have considered the Moselle as the best dry Riesling of a vintage. Basically, it was agreed that the climate on the Mosel was rather too cool to regularly deliver ripe, healthy grapes for first-class dry Rieslings that could compete with those from more southern climes. Where efforts were made to produce high-class dry wines, botrytis was often involved, and the wines, for instance from Heymann-Löwenstein or Clemens Busch, tended to be rather semi-dry than dry in many years. Interestingly, there were always remarkable dry Rieslings from the Ruwer, of all places, one of the coolest regions in the area, but they rarely received the attention they deserved in the shadow of the sweet wines. The situation was no different for the best wines from a few wineries in the Mittelmosel region, which have been making a name for themselves for this style for many years.