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A long time ago, the Clevner (the common name for a Pinot Noir at Lake Zurich) was one of my favorite wines. At that time - although I already liked to drink wine often - I appreciated the light, almost buoyant nature of these "country wines", as they were (and are) usually vinified here, I had no trouble at all with the somewhat sharp acidity.

[caption id="attachment_146" align="alignleft" width="84"]Spätburgunder (Clevner) aus dem Hause Kümin, Freienbach Preis ca. 18 SFr. Pinot Noir (Clevner) from Kümin, Freienbach
Price about 18 SFr[/caption]

In addition, the wine was important in our family history (memories of our youth) and was closely connected with the Einsiedeln monastery at that time. This is also a remarkable story. In the meantime the monastery (again) makes its own Leutschner and the youth memories have almost faded.