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Prof. John Hanf The buzzword "nudging" is currently one of the big trends among marketing professionals. Jon Hanf, Professor of International Marketing Management at Geisenheim University, explains what it means, how wineries can use it and what role tourism plays in this.

We are constantly influenced: do this, buy that, if you order that, it will make you happy. We don't always notice the small incentives - or we get so used to them that the stimulus threshold gets higher and higher. In recent years, the term "nudging", which comes from behavioural economics, has found its way into marketing and consumer research. Nudging is a method of influencing people's behaviour without commandments or prohibitions, but with incentives. In this way, unconscious actions are encouraged without the addressee being aware that he is being directed. Two examples are the placement of healthy food and fruit at eye level to increase their consumption - or the image of a fly stuck in urinals to better "target" and thus reduce the need for cleaning.