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Whenever we were allowed into the village, we passed the "Drei Könige", the time-honoured inn in the small main town of the canton, where our school - a boarding school - used to be. Both no longer exist: neither the boarding school, which has become a state school, nor the "Three Kings", where the gastronomy has long since been abandoned. Unprofitable. Only the bus stop, directly in front of the house, has kept its name: "Drei Könige". In the "Engel", in the pub diagonally opposite, people now meet for an early or late drink or even in between. The "Three Kings" have - not only here - lost their attraction. "Angels" may still attract and entice, but "Three Kings" are hopelessly outdated, dusty and have run their course. Aura", "Blue Monkey", "Bohemia", "Cheyenne", "Coco Grill", "Clouds" etc. are more likely to attract customers. Yet it was "The Three Kings" - among others - that brought me to wine. Whether they were ever saints, I don't know; to me, anyway, they were special.