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The WGN team in front of the historic cellar

Modern times

Founded in 1951, today 247 member farms, 298 ha under cultivation, an annual production of 2.2 million litres, an annual turnover of 7 million euros. These are the bare figures describing the WG Nordheim.

But things have changed in the last five years. A plan was developed. The range of grape varieties was to be more narrowly focused, the quality orientation further improved, the market presence refined.

On 11 April 2003, the Nordheimers proudly presented the result of their efforts to a broad public.

Life in wine sound

This is the new slogan of the Nordheim Winegrowers' Cooperative (WGN). The most visible and imposing expression of the transformation of the WG Nordheim into a sustainable and modern enterprise is the new building. Modestly called "Vinothek DIVINO", this building can set standards. "We deliberately opted for a modern architectural style" and "We wanted to get away from the three Franconian 'B's: Baroque, Bratwurst, Bocksbeutel", says Oskar Georg Noppenberger, the managing director of WG Nordheim. The fact that this decision was not always easy to make is freely admitted.

The result is a spacious, friendly building. Noppenberger points out that only local wood was used, natural stone dominates the visible walls, warm colours determine the interior. A number of individual components can be found on 1,000 square metres spread over three floors: