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IMG_0150"Les Tourelles" are turrets, dominant on the label; the turrets of the Pichon Longueville Baron estate in Pauillac, a deuxième cru of the very best reputation. It is only the turrets, not the massive building of the castle. This means: behind it, there is the so-called second wine of the famous château. A wine that is mainly made from the young vines of the wine estate. It is - like all second wines - actually like the corresponding first wine (flagship of a Bordeaux wine estate), but everything a little less: less compact, less dense, less famous, less expensive. All second wines have - more or less - the character of the first wine, in bad years even pronounced, because then also many grapes from "old" vines get into the wine. The 1996 vintage of the first wine (Pichon Longueville Baron) did not develop very ideally, Gabriel initially gave it 19/20 points, at last still 17/20. Parker (very similar) went down from 91/100 to 89/00. This coincides with my own experience, although I never give out points, so can't record the development that accurately. I was curious about the second wine, the "Les Tourelles", which I actually should have drunk long ago - due to the experience with the first wine 250px-Etiqu._Tourelles_de_Longueville_It may be that my sensory memory is failing me more and more often (there are more and more impressions to be stored), but I find this "Tourelles" quite equal to the first wines of the vintage. It seems to me that the differences have smoothed out, leveled out. The wine - if I were to award points - would definitely deserve the 89 Parker points. It still comes along dense, even full-bodied, still has beautiful, slightly sweet fruit, the discreet roasted notes harmonize with the aromas of spices, truffles, tobacco and leather. All finely applied and balanced. When I think about it, I would prefer this "Tourelles" to the Baron (first wine), not only because of the price.