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chateau-de-muzot-cuvee-rouge-valais-aocSo is it a cheat pack or does the wine really come from the Château de Muzot, where Rainer Maria Rilke lived for the last five years before his death (1926)? Well - the Château de Muzot is more famous than the wine with the same name. The wine does not come from the Château de Muzot, but from the area between Salgesch and Sierre, a center of the Valais wine region, which is located around the Château de Muzot. "The "Château de Muzot" cuvee contains mostly Pinot Noir and - depending on the vintage - Syrah and Merlot... Only the best ones make it into the cuvee, which bears the name of the Château, which is steeped in history," the advertisement proclaims. In fact, there is no such thing as a winery named Château Muzot, but (according to the commercial register), "The operation of a commercial wine or any business relating to the production and marketing of wine..."