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beychevelle-2000What can one say about Beychevelle? That the wine is quite variable, from year to year? That it was classified as Quatrième Grand Cru Classé in the 1855 classification? That it is a favorite wine of the Chinese (based on the dragon in the label)? That it's a beautiful vineyard very close to the Gironde?

Suffice it to say, really, that it's my favorite Bordeaux. Not necessarily because of the quality, more because of my attachment to the wine and the estate. Château Beychevelle was the first Bordeaux - bought at the estate, - that I once put in the cellar. So to say, the birth of my wine collection and my Bordeaux passion. It was a long time ago: it was a (single) bottle of the 1986 vintage. Since then, I have bought and stored a few bottles every year. Not many, but so that I can compare the vintages until today. There were worse vintages, like the 1990 (actually a good Bordeaux year) and also some quite good ones: 2005. 2010 and 2000. I don't like to add up in points, but they are all wines that Parker gave more than 90 points.Bechevelle Schloss For me, what is more important is that the wine lives up to what I have stored in my wine memory and wine sensibilities as Beychevelle. It is a wine that has a wonderful bouquet, of dried fruit, blueberry, tobacco, licorice and caramel. But many - even other - Bordeaux have that. Rather, it is the blend of these flavors and many more that makes the wine so unique (to me). It is the pressure, the power, the meatiness, combined with a graceful harmony and a playful, light sweetness. In short, for me, the Beychevelle typicity. A word that is so often abused, but for me it is true in this case.