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For a long time, the Burggrafenamt was one of the more unknown wine-growing areas of South Tyrol. The big names tend to be found in other parts of the country. However, more and more wineries were established here that produced exceptional wines. This development has continued rapidly in recent years, as the large number of wine producers shows, we present here.

Winery Meran-Burggräfler

Merano- Burggräfler for Wein-Plus
Kellerei Meran-Burggräfler

In its current form, the Merano Burggräfler Winery was created in 2010 from the merger of the Merano Winery with the Burggräfler Winery. The union enabled the newly formed company to draw on the grapes of 370 winegrowers with nearly 250 hectares of vineyards in Burggrafenamt and Vinschgau. This opened up completely new possibilities compared to the times before the merger, which were exploited in a relatively short time and which has led to a higher quality in all production lines.

"We can now draw on a much larger number of grape lots from different altitudes as well as different soil formations to give our wines their respective, distinctive characters. Due to a strictly regulated yield reduction, the high quality can be guaranteed every year - sometimes in larger, sometimes in smaller quantities, depending on the vintage," says cellar master Stephan Kapfinger. "Vintage differences are not eliminated by this - nor should they be - but a basic character recognizable in every year remains with every wine as a result." This basic character consists of a pleasantly soft fullness combined with complexity and finesse typical of mountain wines in both the whites and the reds. "We are here in one of the sunniest zones in South Tyrol and at the same time near very high mountains. Alpine freshness and Mediterranean flair: both are expressed in our wines."