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2015 is certainly one of the best vintages of the last decade in the Kremstal. We cannot remember having tasted a similarly wide range of first-class Veltliners and Rieslings from here so far, and even the basic wines are often remarkably good. The range of styles is wide: from elegant and slender to powerful and high-alcohol, everything is there. We generally prefer the finer versions, but great class can also be found among the particularly powerful wines. As in the last articles in the series "In Focus", we will go into more detail about wines and styles in our short portraits of all the wineries that have presented us with recent samples.

Josef Bründlmayer Winery

The still young winery is on the road to success and this year presented probably the best assortment we could taste from it so far. The wines are rather modern, often fruity and usually accessible at a relatively early stage. In 2015, however, a certain amount of bottle ripeness will do no harm, so that the yeast tones and primary fruit can be polished off a little more.

Walter Buchegger

Relatively small top winery, which this year succeeds in maintaining the typical polish of the winery despite considerable alcohol levels. Riesling and Veltliner are equally first-class across the board: firm, deep, mineral, full of character and exciting. The best series we know from here.

Winery-Heurigenschank Eder

Very reliable winery with straightforward wines that are nice to drink, at the top also weightier and more complex wines at consumer-friendly prices. Here, too, 2015 turned out very pleasing, but we also like the freshly tasted 2013 red wines.

Wine and Guest Farm Gabriele and Josef Edlinger

Relatively old winery that today, in the fifth generation, produces wines on a reliably good to very good level at very affordable prices. We were particularly taken with the firm and grippy Veltliner from the Steiner Point, because it offers more drinking pleasure than the "Optimas", which is clearly higher in the house hierarchy, but also quite powerful, not least due to its much more moderate alcohol.

Winemaker Kalchhauser

A 9-hectare farm that is now run by Silvia and Günter Kalchhauser on a part-time basis. The wines presented to us for the first time this year are generally simple, but clean and good to drink, only sometimes a little alcoholic for the limited substance. However, they are also very moderately priced.

Mantlerhof Winery

Sepp Mantler has presented a small, yet tremendously impressive series. Even the most powerful wines here are razor-sharp and never even slightly broad. In terms of depth and complexity, too, no one can beat the old master this year. This already applies to the relatively light and yet highly elegant Veltliner from the Lössterrassen, a masterpiece with a sensational price-pleasure ratio. Unfortunately, we were not introduced to the specialities - such as the Roter Veltliner - but even so, it is clear that this ancient top wine estate has just surpassed itself.

Gottfried Mittelbach Winery

Gottfried Mittelbach Junior seems to know exactly what he is doing. This year, the estate surprises us with qualities that we have not yet experienced - and hardly expected - here at the top. It can go on like this!

Hermann Moser Winery

An excellent series of firm, concentrated and evolving wines that do not overdo it with power. The incredibly firm and concentrated Riesling from the Gebling remains in the memory for a long time. We have never liked Martin Moser's wines this much before.

Winery Müller

Quite a big winery, which unfortunately only presented 2 wines to us this year. The qualities fluctuate here from time to time, but are always at least good, sometimes even excellent. Besides Riesling and Veltliner, especially the Chardonnay always stands out.

Martin Nigl

Martin Nigl has been producing the finest, coolest and most elegant wines in the Kremstal for years. Anything powerful is completely alien to them. They are the best proof that the lack of power and alcohol does not have to be at the expense of complexity, depth and longevity. On the contrary: hardly any other winery in the Kremstal has recently delivered top quality with such reliability - even in weaker years. No wonder that Nigl is a banker this year as well, not only for the parade varieties of the Kremstal DAC, but also for Sauvignon or Muskateller.

Winery A. and F. Proidl

Franz Proidl's wines are often something like the antipodes to those of Martin Nigl: always powerful, spicy, melting and often also a little rustic, sometimes slightly sweetish, yet always complex and deep. They usually mature excellently. The incredibly complex Riesling from Ehernfels, as primus inter pares this year, is an example of how well Proidl masters the balancing act between power and subtlety. The Edelsüßen also regularly turn out great.

Winery Thiery-Weber

Ever since Erich Weber's nephew Artur Toifl joined the company, the estate has been one of the top producers on the Krems. In addition to the traditional varieties, which are among the best in all weight categories, the reds are also a constant source of interest. The estate's speciality is the "Wolferl" blend, which this year turned out to be much more powerful than the diminutive might suggest.

Franz Türk Winery

One of the leading wineries in the region, whose wines are not too heavy, even in years like 2015. Here you can always buy the basic wines blind. Türk also offers first-class specialities: the sweet wines are just as remarkable as the bone-dry sparkling wine from Cabernet Sauvignon, which we consider one of the best sparkling wines in Austria.

Winzerhof Martin Walzer

Pure white wine estate with reliably good, sometimes even very good qualities with the Veltliner from the Kremser Gebling usually at the top.

Alois Zimmermann Winery

Reliable winery that only grows Riesling and Veltliner. This year only 3 wines were presented to us: The Veltliners are clearly in the lead this time - and for what they offer, they are extremely good value.

Winery Zöhrer

An ancient vineyard, where Anton Zöhrer today presses increasingly unconventional, in the best sense of the word, non-modern wines from partly ancient vines. They often take some getting used to, need attention and air, but are worth the patience. Last but not least, we will keep a close eye on the development of the red wines. We already like them very much in their unpretentious way and liveliness, but we wouldn't be surprised if something were to happen here in the near future.

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