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[caption id="attachment_181" align="alignleft" width="102"]Gaja 1994 ca. 100 € Gaja 1994
ca. 100 €[/caption]

Gaja is an icon, and as an icon, it defies any "neutral" judgment. You can turn it any way you want, either the patina is scratched or it is polished up, the patina. This is not so much because of the icon, but because of the way we deal with dream images. It starts with price - what costs a lot must be worth a lot. Availability emerges: it is on what is rare that our covetousness is directed. Finally, it is the occasion on which an icon is set up, in this case drunk. It cannot be the everyday!

Yesterday, we had friends over, a Gaja went on the table, in the decanter, in the glass. A homage to our guests, because I have already been to Piedmont with them, I stood in front of the forbidding, gate in the hill village of Barbaresco, where the icon is at home. Not accessible, not approachable, at best reachable through an intercom.